IBM Asia Pacific Leadership

Eunjoo Lee, Ph.D.

Country General Manager, IBM Korea

Eunjoo Lee, Ph.D., is the General Manager of IBM Korea. As a General Manager, Eunjoo oversees the entire business of IBM Technology and Consulting in Korea.

Before joining IBM Korea, Eunjoo served as Executive Vice President and General Manager of the Cloud Technology Business Unit at Samsung SDS. In this role, Eunjoo has led several teams in Samsung SDS over the past 5 years, including cloud management, technical sales, pricing and strategy, marketing and education, product enablement, partner management, and cloud customer engineering. 

When Eunjoo was promoted to General Manager of the Cloud Platform Unit, she supervised over 10 groups, including Pre-Sales, Product Management, Product & Service Pricing, Cloud IT Operation, Partner Management, Cloud Evangelist, Resource Planning & Purchasing, and the Strategic group.

Prior to joining Samsung SDS, Eunjoo Lee had worked in major software companies in Silicon Valley, including VMware and Oracle. As a seasoned technical product manager in both companies, she had led several technical teams to deliver the most competitive products in cloud-based analytic and management solutions.

Eunjoo Lee holds a Ph.D. in Quantum Chemistry from the University of California, Davis.