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  • Melbourne Health

    The Royal Melbourne Hospital consolidated 6 legacy systems and digitised just over one hundred business processes across its Facility Management Services as part of the Computed Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) Project implementation. IBM TRIRIGA was implemented to improve workforce utilisation, task efficiencies, asset profiling and data reporting. With the support of TRIXi Building Insights with IBM Sustainability Software, the solution is now used by 12,000+ staff across user defined roles at the hospital and its satellite services delivering improved transparency, safety and sustainability benefits.

    Next, RMH plan to trial using the power of IoT data, sensors and devices to enhance the solution, integrated into the CAFM platform by IBM Maximo Monitor. The hospital now has the insights they need to inform their decision-making processes and ultimately improve the patient experience.

    Read the case study here:

  • Amret Bank - Cambodia

    Despite having been one of the fastest-growing countries in the world in the past two decades, 78% of the Cambodian populations over 15 years of age still does not have access to banking services. For over 3 decades, Amret has been devoted to improving financial inclusions by bridging physical distances and making its microfinance banking services always available to millions of people and businesses across Cambodia, wherever they are and whenever they need help.

    The high availability and reliability of Amret’s microfinance banking services were made possible for years by the underlying sophisticated technological platforms, which include IBM LinuxONE.  The next step in Amret’s digital transformation journey not only requires the bank to be equipped with a highly robust and reliable infrastructure to support its mission-critical operations but also scalable and future-ready platforms at the core to help the bank for a sustainable future growth.

    According to Amret’s Chief Digital & Information Officer, Mr. Sajjad Khan: “We are committed to investing in advanced technologies, providing omni-channel solutions and staying focused on our customers’ needs. Customer experience is critical to us, along with the availability, performance, and security of our digital platforms. IBM LinuxONE has run our core banking system for many years without any disruptions. The high availability and reliability of this strategic platform allow us to serve the needs of our customers in today’s fast growing and increasingly digital market. We have seen many positive results and improvements with how we serve our customers as well as an increase in our internal productivity.”

  • Bendigo & Adelaide Bank

    Ryan Brosnahan, Chief Transformation Officer, Bendigo and Adelaide Bank sat down with Doug Robinson to discuss how its work with #IBM Consulting has helped the Bank further its digital transformation.

    Bendigo and Adelaide Bank’s transformation is focused on delivering and embedding digital capabilities, digitising and automating core processes, and reducing complexity and cost.

    This is being achieved by simplifying products and processes, modernising technology platforms and rebuilding technology systems to be digital first, cloud operated and API enabled.

    Bendigo and Adelaide Bank is committed to pursuing its vision of becoming Australia’s bank of choice, by leveraging its unique human, digital and community strengths to enable a customer experience that is second to none.

  • Sacombank

    As one of the largest commercial banks in Vietnam, Sacombank saw the increased use of digital channels by millions of its customers and the need to ensure its IT infrastructure can keep up with growing transactions. IBM LinuxONE has been the core system underpinning Sacombank’s uninterrupted banking services, providing vertical scalability and the highest level of security and compliance without sacrificing the speed of innovation. The system has brought Sacombank to improve its system performance, transaction time, and software licensing cost, with over TCO savings over six years. IBM LinuxONE today gives Sacombank the capacity to innovate and quickly introduce new digital financial services that are significant to its customer’s financial health and wellbeing while helping the bank advance towards its sustainability goals.

    Mr. Le Duc Huy, Deputy Director, Digital Transformation Center, Sacombank said: “IBM LinuxONE is helping us to deliver uninterrupted banking services to our customers securely as our enterprise database infrastructure solution. It provides vertical scalability and the highest level of security and compliance, something that is critical for our business, without sacrificing the speed of innovation. It allows us to be more efficient in using IT resources and help us to achieve our sustainability goals. We saw improved system performance and transaction time but above all improved experience for our staff and customers.”